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Honest and Transparent
       Auctions for Over 20 years.

-Ben Yoder: Founder and CEO-

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We receive many calls and emails from those who don’t know where to start. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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About Enlisted Auctions

Enlisted Auctions is a full service auction company with nearly two decades of experience. “Full Service” is phrase that is not taken lightly with Enlisted Auctions. We offer a broad spectrum of services for a large span of clientele. Our staff has worked together to sell millions of dollars in personal, business, and real property. Our owner, Ben Yoder, is a licensed REALTOR to give you the maximum experience and expertise in liquidating real property.

How it

How it Works

Using an auction service to sell your personal property brings along many questions! We are here to answer them, hover over the icons to the left to find out more about how our auction service works!


“Enlisted Auctions is a family business that is professional in every way. They use technology to move auctioneering into the 21st century. They are super organized and the items are always clean and well displayed. Our experience has been that every employee is pleasant, polite and has a good sense of humor. Their auctions are fun!”

N. Hughs
N. HughsAuction Buyer

“Wow. The estate of my grandmother sold for twice what we wanted.”

H. Harmon
H. HarmonEstate Auction in West Virginia

“After a number of moves, this was by far the easiest I have ever done”

H. Bartley
H. BartleyMoved from Virginia to Maryland

“Auctions Are Always Fun To Go To. Sometimes in Live Auctions, People Watching is A Great Fun of Entertainment. Which Bidders Are Going to Bid on Certain Items, Now with on Line Auctions, you have To Figure out Whose Numbers Are Whose and Which Bidder Buys to resell or Who Are the Collectors. It’s A Lot Of Fun.”

K. Blackburn
K. BlackburnAuction Buyer

“The move was much faster and more efficient then I could have ever hoped for.”

C. Young
C. YoungMoved from Virginia to Callifornia

“I have enjoyed the services of Enlisted Auctions for years. They are professional, personable, and easy to work with. I have recommended numerous people to their online auctions and will continue to do so. I look forward to the live auctions as well and check their site every couple of days to see what is coming up.

T. King
T. KingAuction Buyer

“I was pleased to see my vehicle show up cleaner than when it was picked up. Over 1,000 miles and not a scratch!”

J. Miller
J. MillerMoved from West Virginia to Texas

“We enjoy doing online auction with Ben. He’s honest and does not sugar coat the description of the items being sold. He is also a very funny guy!”

O. Lucey
O. LuceyAuction Buyer

“I have been shopping the online auctions at Enlisted Auctions for several months. I lost almost everything we owned in Hurricane Katrina. We purchased an historic home in Green Bank, WV. I’ve been purchasing all my furniture, dishes, and all sorts of things from Enlisted Auctions. Ben Yoder and his crew are amazingly friendly and helpful people.”

D. Stine
D. StineAuction Buyer

Enlisted Auctions is well-run and very efficient – they make buying very easy and satisfactory for their customers!”

R. Chittum
R. ChittumAuction Buyer

“I can’t imagine how it could have gone any better. On a 1 to 10 scale you get a 12.”

C. Bennet
C. BennetEstate Liquidation in Virginia

“I appreciated the respectfulness the staff used when handling my mother’s estate”

T. Johnson
T. JohnsonEstate Liquidation in VA
Augusta Reg